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"I am excited to be able to share these photos with the world. That is why I joined [the] Marine Photobank... I am glad [my images] are appreciated and needed."
-Ted Raynor, Gulf of Alaska Keepers

Fish Collector Philippines

A fish collector in the Philippines packages wild reef fish in plastic bags for transport overseas.
Craig Shuman, Reef Check

Bottom Wave

"I'm proud to be involved with such a wonderful organization. Sea Web and the Marine Photobank definitely rock!"
- Steve Spring, Photographer

"Keep up the good work at [the] Marinephotobank...Its a very useful resource for sure!"
- Asha de Vos, Senior Programme Officer, Coastal Resources Management Group, Sri Lanka, IUCN - The World Conservation Union

“Not everyone has the opportunity to see certain components of the fishing industry or the marine environment.... By sending my photos to the Marine Photobank, it gives viewers such opportunities they might not have otherwise had.”
- Stephen McGowan, PhD candidate, Australian Maritime College, National Centre for Marine Conservation and Resource Sustainability

"The Marine Photobank project continues to impress and inspire me and I was rather thrilled to see a link to my contributions in the Feb. 2008 MPB Bulletin."
- Sarah Lardizabal, Environmental Educator

"I was recently browsing the California Ocean Protection Council’s 5 Year Strategic Plan and came across a picture that looked shockingly familiar (p. 25).  Sure enough, the caption stated “Marine Photobank Image, Provided by Craig Shuman, Heal the Bay”.  I was stoked to see that your system is working and getting images to those who need them. Congrats on a job well done."
- Craig Shuman, D. Env., Director, Reef Check California Program

“The Marine Photobank is a great resource for non-profit organizations and enables them to see the ocean through a photographer's eye and thus witness first hand the issues, impacts and solutions facing our ocean ecosystem.”
- Bob Talbot, Film Maker and Professional Photographer

“I think the Marine Photobank is a tremendous resource for people to go to in effort to protect, restore and explore an ocean realm that is seen by too few.”
- David Helvarg, Founder Blue Frontier Campaign

"The photobank is a great resource - I found a few photos that illustrate [our] story perfectly. We'll make sure you get copies."
- Hal Hughes, California Coast and Ocean Magazine (California Coastal Conservancy)

“We are facing a long battle to establish a decent process of protection in our State and Commonwealth waters. Your website seems to be a wealth of imagery – we would love to be able to use these pictures.”
- Kathleen Winter, The Wilderness Society, Australia

Since I became a member I have,from time to time,gone on line tolook at the new postings you have added to your site. I have always been most favorably impressed with the quality of the images you are making available. Thank you for the important contribution you are making with The Marine Photobank.”
- Roger Payne, President, Ocean Alliance

Thanks for letting me respond about your great site! My El Segundo High School Marine Biology 2 students augmented their reports all year with your Marine Photobank images! I have passed along the site to other peers in my Science dept.
- Joann Young Dannen, Biology1, Marine Bio 2, Earth & Space Science, Robotics

I enjoy using your outstanding photos, particularly the ones that illustrate major threats…..The pictures that I use extensively are the Cancun aerial shots (to illustrate what we DONT want the rest of the Yucatan to look like), the coral bleaching images, the bycatch images and the treated sewage beingshot out of the pipenear coral reefsat del rey beach, FLA. I used these pictures totrain fundraisersand give presentations to philanthropy staffaboutour work to establish MPAs in Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean.They are very engaging photos.”
- John Myers, The Nature Conservancy, Mesoamerica and Caribbean Region

I plan to help children realize that they have the power to make choices. A picture is worth a thousand words. If these photos can help them see the consequences of their food chain choices, I am confident they can convince their families to begin changing old habits. Children love to help animals and will want to do the right thing.”
- Lee Janet Evens, Elementary School Teacher

"'Advancing ocean conservation through imagery' - that practically sums up what [the] MarinePhotoBank does. And I think it is a great strategy. Sometimes imagery touches a person's heart faster than words do."
-Tsun-Thai Chai, PhD student in Plant Biology at the University of Western Australia